Research for Arts Council England

The planning system, public art and contemporary art collections.

A new coalition Government took office in the UK on 11th May 2010. As a result, ixia’s document below analyses the previous government’s policies, which are currently being reviewed. This document will be used as a position document and a benchmark against which ixia can measure the changes which are currently being proposed and implemented by the new coalition government.

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In March 2008, ixia completed a review on the relationship between the planning system, public art and contemporary art collections for the Visual Arts Department of the National Office of Arts Council England. To view this report click here. Please contact Arts Council England to request information about the other research reports which it has commissioned to inform the discussions into a national strategy for collecting contemporary art.

Our recommendations from this report are summarised below:

  • A Planning Policy Statement for the Arts;
  • Arts included in qualifying infrastructure for the Community Infrastructure Levy;
  • Identify formulae to assist local authorities to generate funding for the arts;
  • Develop knowledge, skills and awareness within the Arts Council about the planning system;
  • Develop knowledge, skills and awareness among key national and regional arts leaders about the planning system and develop the concept of visioning as the basis of strategic plans.