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Arts in Health – a new prognosis by Mike White

In recent years the arts in health field has acquired the expertise to address a wide spectrum of medical, health and social care issues.  It has the resilience and resourcefulness to weather the impending health service reforms in an era of austerity. But it will need to adapt conceptually and in delivery to healthcare environments in which patient choice, GP commissioning power and a new public health workforce are the drivers of change.

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Literature Updates: ixia’s position document sheds light on the increasing body of evidence that supports the instrumental value of the work of artists within the health sector.

  • In January 2011, the British Medical Association (BMA) produced a research report, The psychological and social needs of patients. This report was prepared under the auspices of the Board of Science. It makes a strong, evidence-based case for a holistic approach to patient care; presents key evidence which supports the inclusion of arts activities in healthcare settings; and recognises the design of effective healthcare environments as having a significant impact on patient health and wellbeing. The report provides an invaluable tool to support the field of arts and health and highlight its significant contribution to patient health and wellbeing.
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  • On 3rd March 2011, Building Better Healthcare (BBH) published an article entitled: The future of PFI and LIFT called into question as NHS appeals to the private sector to find new estates procurement systems.
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Public Art and Health Buildings: Review and Guidance

In May 2010, ixia published a position document: Public Art and Health Buildings: Review and Guidance which reviewed the commissioning of public art within the context of the health initiatives under the Labour government. The document was written by ixia and Willis Newson and analysed the situation up until 11th May 2010, when the new coalition government came into power. The review is intended to provide a baseline, against which the impact of the policies which are currently being proposed and implemented by the new coalition government can be measured. The effect that these new policies will have on the provision of health buildings is yet to be fully understood. ixia will produce regular updates in order to keep this advice current.

The Review and Guidance is aimed at all those involved in the provision of health buildings and public art commissioning. It includes a review of the Labour government’s policy and practice, and provides guidance regarding the commissioning of public art within the context of Private Finance Initiative (PFI), Local Investment Finance Trust (LIFT) and ProCure21 (P21) procurement processes.

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To read a review and summary of our guidance, as produced by Building Better Healthcare, please click here.

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