ixia and OPENspace* have created an Evaluation Toolkit for public art. The Toolkit will assist users to:

  • carry out an appraisal of the feasibility of a public art commission;
  • maximise the potential of a public art commission and identify different goals;
  • identify and agree the outcome measures that are appropriate to assess impact;
  • agree systems for collecting, storing, analysing and reporting on data gathered.

Two tools have been developed: the Matrix and Personal Project Analysis. Both are designed to be used at several stages in a project: at initiation, to identify objectives and approaches; during the life of the project, to evaluate process and outcome; and after completion of the project to assess impact. In addition, ixia has constructed a database to hold information about the public art commissions evaluated using the Toolkit. ixia will use this data to provide meaningful evidence to all those with an interest in public art.

ixia has published an updated guidance document to help users of the Toolkit evaluate their public art projects: Public Art – A Guide to Evaluation: 4th Edition April 2014. This document is edited annually in response to changes in UK Government policy. The guidance document was created based on OPENspace’s initial research: Assessing Impact and Quality of Public Art. However, the Guide’s emphasis and content has also been shaped by feedback from ixia’s Evaluation Seminars and fieldwork conducted by ixia and consultants who have used ixia’s Evaluation Toolkit.

Click here to download the updated guidance document – April 2014.
Click here to download the updated guidance document – March 2013.
Click here to download the original guidance document – March 2010.

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*OPENspace is the research centre for inclusive access to outdoor environments based at the Edinburgh College of Art and Heriot-Watt University.