Field reports by Patricia Phillips (2004), art critic and curator, provide an international perspective on public art practice.

Report 1 – Spring 2004

Report 2 – Summer 2004


Responses to a 2002 proposition paper to encourage debate were made by:
Mel Jordan and Andrew Hewitt, artists and lecturers at the University of Wolverhampton.
Chris Marsh, Planning Consultant and lecturer at the University of Westminster.
Tony Bovaird, Professor of Strategy and Public Services Management, University of West of England.


Public Art Journal

Until March 2002, ixia published the Public Art Journal which included essays and reviews.

  • Vol 1, No 1, March 1999 (£3.50): reviews the challenges of contemporary practice. Essays include:
    Sacha Craddock: More questions than answers
    Simon Herbert: It’s not the longevity that counts, it’s what you do with it that matters
    Elizabeth A MacGregor: Public Art and Gallery Art
    Peter Ride: Virtual Work in Public Places
    Brian Catling: Public Art: the personal view of a reluctant recruit
    Jonathan Drake: Art for Architecture
  • Vol 1, No 2, October 1999 (£3.50): considers the place between theory and practice. Contributors include:
    Jane Rendell, Martin Richman, FAT and Katherine Clarke of muf.
  • Vol 1, No 3, March 2000 (£3.50): addresses social and cultural inclusion. Essays include:
    Christopher Coppock: Derry’s Walls of Fortune
    Eileen Adams: Public Art Public Education
    Dave Beech: Public Art after Virtue
    Linda Moss and Elizabeth Norman: Space for the Individual: An Alternative Taxonomy of Public Space?
  • Vol 1, No 4, October 2000 (£3.50): : encompasses collaborations between art and science.
  • Vol 1, No 5, April 2001 (£5.50): addresses issues of site specificity. SOLD OUT
  • Vol 1, No 6, April 2002 (£5.50): addresses the relationships between art and commerce.

Back copies of the Public Art Journal are available from ixia. To order, please email:, phone 0121 753 5301 or write to: ixia, Unit 114, The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA.


Urban Summit

Urban Summit, a report written in 2002, is the second part of a joint initiative by ixia, Midlands Architecture and the Designed Environment (MADE) and Public Art West Midlands (PAWM), all committed to the role of creativity in the development of the public realm. The first phase, an installation at the Urban Summit by Katherine Clarke of muf, saw 200 pumpkins installed at the canalside at the ICC in Birmingham.

You can download the Urban Summit report here as a series of pdf documents.